If you think that.... (Si crees que...)

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Inhalt: This is our contribution for Neuer KurzDoku Wettbewerb “If you think that…” is one of several individual pieces from the “Audio memes series” created to be broadcasted in radio stations in the fake format of regular “adds” but instead of the traditional intention of selling a product, with the only goal of provoking thought and surprise in an humoristic way! // Original Language: Spanish //Authors: Domingo Chinchilla, David Alarcón, Laura Romero

Skript: English Transcript: // If you’re fed up // If you think this situation can’t go on like this… // If you think it's time to act // If you think the moment has come to change everything… // Then have a shower. // A cold one.
Upload Datum: 07.04.2019

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Zum Autor: Laura Romero is a radio maker and researcher from Spain. She works in sound design and writes for podcasts and radio stations. She also delivers workshops in audio storytelling at several universities.

Website: http://www.laura-romero.com

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